Matsuo Temple Hike

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Our First waypoint: The Trailhead


latitude = 34.686539,
longitude = 135.719960,
time = 6:38 AM

We got to the trailhead at 6:30 or so, and started to set up these latitude and longitude waypoints. It took a few minutes so we finally started going at around 6:38.

The First Junction


latitude = 34.677036,
longitude = 135.723241,
time = 7:00 AM

We got to the first junction after a short hike. I included it to show the trail. Just practicing using the gps to send latitude and longitude coordinates, and the photos.

the first junction on trail to Matsuo temple

The Sitting Spot in the Cedars


latitude = 34.671442,
longitude = 135.726969,
time = 7:20 AM

I didn't get a picture of my favorite sitting spot on this trail but we took a break here. It is a shady spot with tall cedar (?) trees. There were lots of birds singing and the forest was alive with sounds.

The Second Junction


latitude = 34.667069,
longitude = 135.726372,
time = 7:31 AM

the second junction on trail to Matsuo temple

The second Junction photo to show the junction that we passed. If you turn right here you will go down a steepish trail to Itsuki-dai neighborhood. Nice way to make a short hike but then you are stuck hiking in the city.

The Muronoki Pass


latitude = 34.665677,
longitude = 135.728005 ,
time = 7:37 AM

picture of muronoki pass trailhead

We got to the Muronoki pass in quite good time. It is a very narrow road if you choose to drive it.

The Rest Hut Junction


latitude = 34.658711,
longitude = 135.729327 ,
time = 8:04 AM

a rest hut near one of the many junctions on the trail

This is the first sitting place going south from the Muronoki pass and quite relaxing. We took a five minute break there for water and a banana.

The Mahoroba Rest House Junction


latitude = 34.655829,
longitude = 135.728083,
time = 8:15 AM

a junction on the trail indicating a rest house called Mahoroba

Here we have a rather important junction. Stay right if you are heading to Matsuo temple (south from the Muronoki pass). We did not see the Mahoroba rest house but the name makes it sound intruiging.

The Mahoroba Lookout


latitude = 34.653543,
longitude = 135.728494,
time = 8:22 AM

a lookout tower (in trees) called Mahoroba

Here is the Mahoroba lookout (hidden in trees center) that is always in varying states of repair. Today it was in quite good shape and my son took a video from the top. I played with GPS to get corrdinates.

The Main Crossroads for the Purpose of Doing full Loop


latitude = 34.651563,
longitude = 135.727822,
time = 8:30 AM

this is a picture of the main crossroads to do full loop through Matsuo and on through Yata temple and back to Haginodai station

Here is another somewhat important junction. take the right trail in the picture (heading south to Matsuo temple).

The Matsuo Temple Haginodai Junction


latitude = 34.651441,
longitude = 135.727203,
time = 8:33 AM

the main junction leading to either Matsuo or Haginodai

Here is the junction that decides the path to Matsuo or haginodai.

The Matsuo Temple Yata Temple Junction


latitude = 34.640645,
longitude = 135.729786,
time = 8:57 AM

the main junction leading to either Matsuo or Yata temples

Here is the junction that decides the path to Matsuo or Yata temples.

The Matsuo Temple First Glimpse


latitude = 34.635079,
longitude = 135.728294,
time = 9:09 AM

the first glimpse we get of the Matsuo Temple

We finally got our first glimpse of the Matsuo temple. It is around 1300 years old!

The Last Rest on Trail Going Down to Haginodai


latitude = 34.652934,
longitude = 135.723843,
time = 10:57 AM

After leaving Matsuo temple, we started a new trail that we were unfamiliar with. As a result, I did not take pictures anymore. In particular, the trail finding was challenging starting before Yata temple and then up until a familar trail leading to Haginodai. We took a rest before we descended to Haginodai station.

The Last Rest in Town at Gyomu Supermarket


latitude = 34.661195,
longitude = 135.707041,
time = 11:42 AM

As we approached Haginodai station, we saw our train leaving. Then my son spotted the Gyomu Supermarket sign. He suggested we go and get some ice cream there. Taht is exactly what we did. After that we continued to walk all the way home (we had planned to take the train but we felt up to walking). This culminated in a 17 to 19 km hike for the day (depnding on the meauring techniques). It was a great half day hike!