Castles, when I was a boy growing up in Canada, we didn't have castles.

I came from Western Canada and there simply weren't any real castles in Eastern Canada.

There were some castles but you rarely went out that far.

It was a several day drive.

So for me, castles were romantic, far away, adventurous things.

They were wonderful and I always wanted to see a castle.

How about you? Have you visited a castle? Do you want to visit a castle? What kind of images does a castle make for you? I heard some people think of castles and they think of cold, hard, humid, yucky places and they're dark for me.

They were romantic places where adventures happened and nights lived.

I always wanted to go to one.

My dad also always wanted to sleep in a castle.

You know, a castle that had been converted into a, a hotel of some kind.

I think that would be a great idea.

Now, I live in Japan and there are castles here.

Most of them are real.

I mean, they're the original castles from when they were first built.

A few have been rebuilt because they were destroyed over time, but they're not the same as European castles.

There's a different style, a different flavor to them.

The European castles themselves have different styles and flavors too.

Some are more romantic and some are more rugged and simple.

Then you get the Disney style castle like you see in the Disney.

Uh, just before the Disney movie runs, these are sort of a fairy tale castle when you think of castles.

What kind of image comes up in your mind? What are the castles made of? Do they look like? Nice places? Would you like to live there or would you like to run through them or just visit them or are they great for taking pictures? And where are these castles? Tell me if you have any ideas about castles next time we meet?