I love rainbows.

Do you? They're, I don't know, they seem to have, uh, in a transient beauty to them.

When I came to Japan, I heard that people loved the cherry blossoms partly because they didn't last too long.

It was a brief show of beauty.

Well, that's how I feel.

Rainbows are and especially after a rainstorm, you're all wet and it's been a hard time getting cold and shivering and then this beautiful shimmering rainbow comes out and it has all the colors somehow.

Rainbows have a feeling of naturalness and calming.

When I see a rainbow.

I automatically feel more, a little more calm than if I didn't see it.

Rainbows are kind of magical because they're not really there, but they're there.

You can walk and get closer to it and then disappears or it moves back as you get closer to it, it moves away from you.

So they're sort of like a phantom.

Of course, there are stories that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And I'd love to go to the end of the rainbow and get a pot of gold.

But for me, the rainbow itself is the gold.

When I was in my teens and twenties, I decided I'm going to collect sunsets and rainbows.

And my collection mechanism was my eyes and my memory.

And indeed, I collected lots of rainbows and I collected lots of sunsets and I still have those in my collection today.

But rainbows have another thing that's very interesting about them.

You can't predict when you're gonna see them.

You can't control it.

You're lucky if you see a rainbow.

And when I was a boy, we used to talk about being doubly lucky if you saw a double rainbow, double rainbows are rarer than single rainbows, but they're just as beautiful, if not more beautiful and seeing a full rainbow is even better.

Sometimes you can see a partial rainbow a little bit of an arc, but I have a few memories of striking bright, bright, full rainbows reaching from the ground up through the sky and back down to the ground on the other side with all the colors shimmering strongly.

Tell me your rainbow story."