Les Perras

I am not such an amazing person.

Daily Life

I live in Japan. I teach English everyday, six days a week. I finish work most days at 10 pm. I have a franchise. Some people told me I was just buying a job. They couldn't be farther from the truth. I bought a vocation. My students are great and although I get very tired by the ned of the week, I don't consider myself to be working because I love what I do.


I used to climb and part of me still considers myself a climber although I used up the cartilage in my knees and I cannot do it anymore. I still go gym climbing on occassion with my sons who enjoy it.

My Boys

My sons and I have great times together. We like to play board games, computer games, talk, and sometimes (if I am lucky) go for walks together.


I come from Canada and I have not given up my citizenship there although I have not lived there for a long time. Being Canadian is truly a blessing.

Personal Discoveries

I have started meditation and I feel the benefits of it everyday. that is another thing I would not give up. It truly is the spring of life for me in many ways.