About Me

Why read about me?

Well, you probably want to know what I like, dislike, do, don't do or other things like that. Taking a guess, you probably want to compare yourself to me, to decide if you are like me or not, if you like me or not, and another possibility is that you want to judge me.

Old Stuff

Well, I shouldn't let you down. When I was young, I played with lego. I played Dungeons and Dragons. I loved fantasy, but I was spoiled on the Lord of the Rings and nothing was ever as good as that. As a teenager, I was torn between trying to be tough, and trying to develop my intellect.

Then I started climbing and that became my identity. I thought I was becoming stronger when I went climbing but I was actually avoiding a lot of prolems. I created lots of problems for myself (but none directly for others most of the time). However, as the problems I created for myself piled up, they began to create problems for others. One result of creating my own problems was that I could not do my job well enough. This in turn caused more problems.

Life Changing

I was lucky enough to have a short stint living in Africa for two years. That changed the course of my life naturally. It motivated me to move to Japan, where I live now.

I learned some Japanese, became a teacher, and eventually got married, settled and started my own English conversation class (my school homepage).

Current Mission for the World

I realized students did not have good enough listening skills to pursue their speaking dreams so I made that my mission, and taught myself programming so I could deliver a good listening skill improvement program. Now, I spend my time between teaching, developing the listening program, meditation and spending time with my family.

Current Mission for Myself

I am big into a meditation that I have come across in a few different places. I call it the sweeping breath. It is the only way that I know to "let go" of things and get rid of the baggage in my life. It is simple but difficult. It is slow but profound. It is changing my life (for the better... much much better).

So the things I love include my own personal style of meditation, computers, hiking and climbing, and generally making things. I like learning languages and speaking foreign langauges.