Attachments VS Connection

In my clearing emotional baggage meditations I am becoming clearer about things that I had only intuited before. The concept of attachment vs connection is one of those things. It is hard to articulate but I am discovering a distinct difference between attachment and connection. One way I can express it is that attachment leads to development of the self. Connection leads to dissolving the self. Attachment binds us to the external world and creates dependence. Connection frees us from the external world and leads to independence. The more attached we are the less connected we are, and vice versa.

A simple search on Google for the synonyms to attach gives results that include connection. Here is where I have to move away from the generally accepted semantic meaning of the words. That’s why I say it is hard to articulate a difference between them. Semantically they are almost the same. Yet, I have this deepening experience showing me a polarity and the only way I have found to express it is with these words.

Attachments generally give rise to voice and thoughts, where connections tend to be silent. Attachments are noisy and atomic where connections are quietly homogeneous.