Sweep Away Your Resistance

Sweep Away Your Resistance

I am attached to things. All sorts of things. Most of them are trivial garbage. For instance, wiping the shower after I use it. I think intellectually this is great as it is an easy way to prevent mold and keep it clean.

Pain in the Neck

However, it is a pain in the neck for me to do it. Especially some parts of the shower that have slightly more complex shapes or crevices that I have to dry out. I noticed some resistance to doin this task today. The resistance is always there but I sort of noticed it today.

Banish a Stressful Memory

I remembered in my exploration of attention and attachment that I quite successfully banished a stressful memory - a horror show that I watched - with the sweeping breath. I have since watched the show again with considerably less stress.

Save Energy

Tonight I suddenly thought I should use this technique to banish my resistance to the duty. Without the resistance, I can attack the duty with vigor and life. It will be easier than fighting myself to make myself do it. I will save energy by not fighting myself, be happier and probably finish it faster and better.