What am I up to now?


I started a podcast about eight months ago for my students. It is aimed at providing extensive English listening practice in a doable amount. I recently migrated it from a podcast service (acast) to my own site here. It is easier to do it all myself. Otherwise Acast was pretty good.


It isn't really meditation. It is the sweeping breath and it helps me clean up my life. I am currently getting rid of other business (podcast migrations, above) to make more time fo r this practice. I would like to do an hour a day.


Family is big in my mental life but not so big in time. By boys are getting big now and have their own studies and friends so we now go for quality as opposed to quantity.


I recently got an opportunity to work with owners of an international school. I accepted, mostly because it is very interesting, and does not require a large time commitment on my part.


I work on my business, which is an English conversation school. I teach 38 to 44 hours a week there. I love this work.